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Skyview Media understands golf and is able to provide you with all your aerial video and photography needs.

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SkyView Media Real Estate Aerial Videography and Photography packages are designed to assist vendors sell their home quickly, efficiently and even more importantly, for the right price


By using still images and videography, SkyView Media provides a real and accurate insight and an engaging experience for potential buyers, utilising fly-overs, panoramas, birds eye views and spectacular scenery shots. Drone technology is sure to drive buyer engagement and adds an extra layer of technology.


Vendors are guaranteed to set themselves apart from the others with an aerial videography story of their property. Drone aerials ensure the whole picture is painted, giving prospective buyers a holistic view of the home and surrounds.

Buying a home is often an intense and stressful experience. Drone aerial videography provides interstate or even international prospective buyers with an understanding of the property they will never be able to achieve with internal photos.

Skyview Media has a holistic production capability (including a Degree Qualified Sound Engineer) which allows us to provide an end to end package, from raw video to high-end production finishes. Our Aerial

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Photography packages can target the home’s “best side” for the all-important marketing period and spectacular photography can be produced with our high-end post production software.

Skyview media understands Aerial Video and Photography requirements and can provide its service efficiently.

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